The Weekend Ahead

This is looking like an interesting weekend for us. Everyday is interesting, of course, but for our weekend ahead we have three cards suggesting some kind of movement contrasting the underlying energy of The Hermit telling us we need time alone. So lets take a closer look.

Friday: Brings in the Wheel of Fortune. This card came to us last weekend and once before, I believe in August. The Wheel of Fortune reminds us that life is about learning to surf the, sometimes, wild the ups and downs thrown at us. When it comes up the message is that things could take a turn for the better. This is a card of luck, change and consequences. There is a good chance some kind of opportunity might find its way to us. While it might be a good time for us to take a risk, think about it. Don’t make any snap decisions.

Saturday: The Queen of Wands is the card that came up for us today. This is a very kind and warm lady. She is also the Queen of the realm of Wands which is all about growth and energy. This is a confident, bold and courageous kingdom. Creativity and action are the norm. Our Queen is telling us we may have a lot of ideas. Perhaps relating to yesterday, but it could be something new that has come to us. Either way perhaps it’s time to be determined and go for it.

Sunday: The last day of the weekend and the Ace of Pentacles is our card. The aces of the Tarot are about manifesting and new beginnings. Pentacles deal with our material existence. It tells us things could be showing signs of improvement. Perhaps Friday’s idea is still with us and after thinking about it all weekend has fleshed into a full blown idea. It might just be time to do something new.

Bottom Card: We’re back to our Hermit. We all need time alone to take stock and focus on what we need right now in our lives. The Hermit tells us that by doing some soul-searching we will be able to shine some light on whether it’s time to take steps in a new direction. They don’t need to be fast, sometimes slow but sure is best.

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