Today’s Daily Draw

Whether they are personal or professional, relationships are never easy. The energy driving our day is the Nine of Wands. This card tells us we could be feeling like we’ve been beat up and left on the side of the road. This is because our card is the Three of Swords and it speaks to us about an emotional situation we may have requiring a decision on our part.

Our bottom card might make us feel like we’re beaten but the fact is, we are far from it. The challenge for us will be to keep our cool and find the lesson in the pain. We’re going to have to pay attention to both the words being spoken and how they make us feel, but we are on solid ground. If are honest with ourselves, stick to our beliefs and the plan we have for our future we will know what the best decision will be. Know that there is a happy future for us regardless of how this situation plays out.

Today’s Universal Number

Surprisingly enough this is not a Six Day, but a Four. The energy of the four is about organization, structure and building a solid foundation. This is actually a very good energy for us. We are faced with a decision that could change everything today and knowing how it will all fit together will help a lot.

Today’s Crystals

I chose Bloodstone and Malachite for today. Bloodstone gives us many qualities that can be helpful. It gives us clarity, heightens our intuition, and helps us make decisions. Malachite helps us let go of unwanted, negative behaviors so we can let them go.

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