Today’s Daily Draw

We have a pair of Kings to guide us through our day. The underlying energy is coming from the King of Pentacles. He rules a very wealthy kingdom founded on discipline, and control. Our main card is the King of Swords and this suit is all about the mind, our perception and attitudes. Whatever we are dealing with or working on will require our full, objective attention. Emotions won’t help, we will need to be honest, do the work to find the truth and consider the consequences of all possible courses of action.

The symbols on the card tell us that this is very doable. Our kings throne is decorated with butterflies, a symbol of transformation. He is wearing a blue robe, which is the color of truth and communication. He is wearing two cloaks, one red and one purple. These colors tell us we have the power and, if we tune in, our intuition will guide in the right direction.

This brings us back to the underlying energy of the day that the King of Pentacles brings in. He is telling us to pay attention to the details. We will need to be efficient and work at staying in the loop. Be willing to do the work and have a good solid plan today and the outcome will be awesome.

Today’s Universal Number

We have a master Number today, 11/2. This is a powerful number because it combines the masculine bold energy of the one and intuitive energy of the two. Both of these energies will be needed today!

Today’s Crystals

Wisdom seemed to be the work of the day so I chose three crystals to help us in that area. The first is Iolite. This gorgeous translucent indigo blue crystal works well with our 3rd Eye Chakra to open our intuition and it also helps us get rid of what isn’t working and blocking our way. The second is Lapis Lazuli. Another beautiful blue crystal, but this one has selenite in it, making it a wonderful choice because it works with not only our Throat Chakra but the 3rd Eye as well. It is perfect choice when we need the truth. The final crystal is Jade, this crystal is considered good luck and wisdom. It helps us access wisdom and knowledge.

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