Today’s Daily Draw

We’re beginning the week with a mixed bag of emotions. Our card is the Ten of Swords reversed which tells us that we could come into contact with a situation that forces us to put our thoughts and beliefs on the line. This could leave us scared and questioning everything we thought we knew or understood. We might resist the idea that we might be wrong or need to change our attitude toward something but letting go of what isn’t working for us leaves room for new and better things in our lives.

The underlying energy of the day is the positive aspect of our day. The card is the Six of Wands and this is a card of victory, and self-confidence that tells us we have found our inner strength. By letting go of thought patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us we have opened ourselves to a new level of possibility for our lives. We shouldn’t be afraid of letting people know what we are capable of. Go ahead and blow the horn! The trick, though, will be to avoid becoming self important and egotistical.

Today’s Universal Number

Here we are at the beginning of a new week and our universal number puts us in a One Day. The one energy is strong and bold. It’s not afraid to go where nobody has before. So step out and take a chance on yourself today!

Today’s Crystals

The choices to accompany todays cards are Red Calcite and Carnelian. Both of these choices work with the Root and Sacral Chakras to make us feel secure and confident. Red Calcite increases our energy levels, clears confusion and helps clear our old no longer needed though patterns and beliefs. Carnelian gives us courage and attracts to us resources we need to complete our goals.

Thank you BJ for today’s guest reading!





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