The Weekend Ahead

What a week, its been full of issues and hurdles to overcome but we’re not quite our of the woods yet! Thank goodness for the mid-week self love, I for one needed the break. The underlying energy for the weekend is rest and contemplation and it looks as though it might be good advice.

Friday begins the weekend with the Page of Swords. Now the Pages in the Tarot are young, eager and full of ideas but their inexperience can sometimes cause a problem. The energy of this day could have us feeling restless and eager to get busy but we could be feeling a little uneasy about jumping headlong into something that just doesn’t feel right. The image on our card shows our young man with his sword in the air ready to take action. If we look a little closer we see he is standing on uneven ground and the wind is blowing quite hard. The sky is a lovely blue but we have clouds building. This tells us of a possible change and this is a Nine Day for us. Swords are the realm of the mind, it might be a good idea to give some thought and check our plans before acting on anything today.

Saturday might have some residue of Friday hanging on making us feel beat up and left for dead, as we have the Ten of Swords today. This is a very shocking image to see but things might not be as bad as we think. The Ten of Swords is more a card of hope and liberation than aggression. We can’t fool ourselves though, we might have some unexpected changes and issues to deal with but if we look at todays card we see three important things. The sky shows us night is giving way to morning. With the sun coming up we can get a better look at the details of what is going on. The second and third important things to keep in mind have to do with our victim. There is very little blood to be seen. While he, and us as well, might be feeling a little stabbed in the back right now; it’s not going to kill us. Our victims head is facing the rising sun and he finds hope in the promise of a new day. Finally we see his hand is in the form of a blessing. This tells us that we need to release any negative thoughts and feelings that might have us pinned down and holding us back. This is a One Day, we can get things going but not if we are holding ourselves down.

Sunday rounds out this weekend with The Moon bringing us a veil of illusion and possible deception. The past might be trying to come back to haunt us today, we could be distracted and not really sure what it is we should do next. This is where the energy of our bottom card can help.

The Four of Swords is a card that tells us to take a break, rest and give it some thought. This might not be a stellar weekend but it doesn’t have to be a total disaster either. The best thing we can do is nothing right now. Taking any action when we aren’t confident of an outcome is not a smart choice. If we regroup, get some objectivity and check our plans we will be ready to hit the ground running on Monday, prepared for whatever challenges might come our way.

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