K2 in The Morning Light

This is a rare and interesting crystal called K2. Some call it K2 Jasper but it is not a Jasper at all. It is a Granite, Feldspar combination. The blue spots are Azurite, they look totally fake but it’s real and so cool. K2 is found in the Skardu area of Northern Pakistan. K2 is a fairly new find, it was only discovered in the last 10ish years. I wasn’t able to pin down an actual date or who found and named it. K2 can occasionally have Malachite inclusions.  

Because this is a combination crystal the MOHS scale is as well. Granite is a 6 and the feldspars are softer and run 2.6-3. K2 works well with the Throat and 3rd Eye Chakras to help us speak our truth and build our insight and intuition. It increases our level of consciousness. The granite in this crystal makes it wonderfully grounding. Now you would think this combination of upper Chakras and the grounding effect of granite would fight each other but it actually helps. The grounding helps us not get to spacey. 

Some of the other characteristics of K2 are: 

  • It’s a great protection piece 
  • It helps build wealth both materially and spiritually 
  • It teaches respect and compassion for others 
  • Brings in peace and empathy 
  • Great for group work to bring understanding of other  
  • It helps you make decisions for our best interest 
  • It enhances spiritual journeying to bring guidance 
  • It helps ease OCD symptoms 

If K2 sounds like something you would like to work with I encourage you to find a piece and see how it resonates with you. Keep in mind I am not a doctor and am not in any way suggesting you give up conventional medicine. I only off this information to enhance your life.  

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon 

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