Today’s Daily Draw

It looks like Thursday might be one of those days. Our bottom card is the Five of Wands telling us there is going to be some amount of confusion being caused which could very likely play into anything we are trying to get done. Our card is the Ten of Wands. The tens are about completion. The image on this card show us a man trying to get his harvest to the town in the distance. He has his head down and his load is so great that he can’t see where he is going, but he trudges blindly on. For us this won’t work. Action without purpose is going to get us nowhere we want to be.

Perhaps our problem today is the underlying energy of the Five of Wands. Fives are about change; in the suit of wands we are looking at possible disagreements, struggles and challenges which will make it difficult to move forward. We could have someone question our choices. It could be we have a group of committed people; the problem is we just can’t agree on what needs to be done first.

We have two choices. We can let the situation play out ant pick up the remnants of the day and start again, or we can take a positive stance and open the floor to a brainstorming session which could very likely produce a workable plan. See the possibilities of the situation instead of what isn’t working today and we will make it the forward movement we want.

Today’s Universal Number

This is an Eight Day and we can certainly use the qualities of this number today. Eight is about strength, discipline, and order. This number has a powerful energy. Eight looks for balance and balance will come in handy.

Today’s Crystals

I chose Crazy Lace Agate for today because its energy will give us support and encouragement. It will help us stay alert and think quickly. This will keep us composed and flexible enough to act efficiently to get done what needs to be accomplished.

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