Today’s Daily Draw

We are taking a look at our personal needs today with our cards Pursue and Self care. It’s only natural to put our own wants and needs aside in favor of the people we love. Our bottom card, Self Care is here to let us know that when we put what we want or need aside for too long we eventually run out of steam. Pursue tells us to take some time to do something nice for us today. Take a nice hot bath, get a massage, have a mid-week date night. If there is something we’ve been wanting to do, today might be just the day to give it a go!

Today’s Universal Number

Today is a Seven Day, a day to seek the insights that will allow us to see what it is we need.

Today’s Crystals

Goldstone and Amethyst are the crystals of choice today. Goldstone deflects negative energy and gives us a wonderful uplifting energy. Amethyst has a calming energy and works with the intuition to keep us open to new ideas.

Thank you BJ for today’s guest reading!

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