Today’s Daily Draw

Our week starts off with two reversed Major Arcana cards telling us we might need to take a little time to consider what our personal beliefs are and where we stand. Our main card is The Druid. Reversed he is challenging us to question the traditional, well worn path in order to discover our own today. Whether personally or professionally we may find ourselves in a situation where stepping into our power and trusting our judgment is a better course of action than what is offered.
The problem might be our bottom card, The Shaman, and reversed it suggests that we may be spending too much time avoiding the choice to step into our power. We don’t want to act without thought but over thinking will stall the whole process. Be open to new and different perspectives and step into your path!

Today’s Universal Number

Today is a Five Day. The number five is about movement, variety and being flexible. On five days it is not out of the ordinary that anything can and will happen.

Today’s Crystals

The crystal choices for today are Optical Calcite for its ability to clear negativity and bring in positive in exchange and the clarity it gives us. The other crystal is Tree Agate for its calming and centering properties.

Thank You BJ for today’s guest Draw!

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