The Weekend Ahead

The underlying energy of our weekend comes from the card vulnerable. This card tells us that sometimes it’s a good idea to take a break. Life can push us to go when what we really need is to rest, regroup and think.

Friday begins with Inner Truth returning to continue the work we began yesterday. We know that it could be time to make a change or begin moving forward on with idea or a goal but making a move before we are fully ready could result in a false start that may be difficult to recover from or a move in the wrong direction entirely. There is no need to rush.

Saturday comes and so does Love Matters. This card tells us to keep in mind that life is always going to have its challenges. There are going to be problems to handle and situations to overcome. Whatever is going on today we need to come at it from a place of love. Perhaps some self love is in order. What will make you happy today?

Sunday arrives and brings us Accepting of Love. It’s message is that we are everything we need to be. We are perfect and whole, even in our imperfections. We are capable of giving and receiving love but we must love ourselves enough to be honest with ourselves and live our truth, to follow the path our heart desires.

We are back at our Bottom Card, Vulnerable. Use the weekend to rest and reflect on what changes might need to be made and where we want to go from here. Know that everything will be alright.

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