Today’s Daily Draw

I began adding the bottom card to the daily draw because I discovered some time ago, quite by accident, that it tells an important part of the story in a reading. The bottom card shows us the underlying energy of a situation, what is motivating us or holding us back and sometimes it shows us the path we need to take. Today’s main card is Keep Your Dreams Alive. This seems straight forward enough. Our card tells us to take our dreams from our head and begin making them a reality. It encourages us to get to work planning, to be realistic about our expectations and to stay focused.

Our bottom card, Inner Truth, shines an interesting light on the card. This card directs us to examine our thoughts, truths and our feelings. If we look at our dreams will we discover that they are ours, or are they someones elses? Is the path we are following still one we want to be on? What will make us happy and what do we really want our life to look like? These are interesting questions that require us to find and answer before we can make a move. Let’s take the time to get a good honest look at what is motivating us. Stay open to opportunities that may come up and most important, once we know which way we’re going, get started.

Today’s Universal Number

I just love the synchronicity of this. Our cards are telling us to get moving and this is a One Day! This number is brave,  bold and perhaps a bit arrogant. Just enough to believe that there is no stopping us!

Today’s Crystals

I chose two orange crystals today, Carnelian and Tangerine Quartz. Orange is the color of the Sacral Chakra. This is the center of our passion and our drive. Carnelian helps motivate us and gives us the courage to let go of fear and get moving. Tangerine Quartz, as does all others in this very large family, holds all the qualities of the family and has some useful qualities of its own.  It gives us self-confidence and helps us get things done.

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