Today’s Daily Draw

My traditional decks are involved in a project I’m working on so I decided to use an Oracle Deck. Our underlying energy is coming from the card, Illumination. The big beautiful moon tell us that following our intuition today will plant seeds of kindness which in time will come back to us if we have faith. Our main card today is Be In Service and it tells us that giving from the heart raises our vibrational energy allowing us to see the world from a new perspective.

If we keep our hearts open and stay tuned in we will see opportunities to be of service to those around us. Every act of kindness creates a ripple that touches many more people than we might think. Let’s challenge ourselves to do at least three random acts of kindness today. Perhaps a co-worker or a friend is struggling and could use a hand to complete a task on time. Visit a lonely neighbor, hold a door or an elevator for someone, or buy a meal for a homeless person. Being in Service can be a very rewarding experience.

Today’s Universal Number

This is an Eight Day. Eight is about balance, order and authority. This is a powerful number and holds an element of Karma. What goes around comes around.

Today’s Crystal

I chose Rose Quartz for today because it’s energy is focused on love for self and others.

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