Today’s Daily Draw

It looks as if the weekend ahead is going to be somewhat busy for us. We have the Knight of Pentacles telling us to take action but not to rush.

Friday has the Eight of Wands coming up for us. This is an interesting card. It is the only card in the Minor Arcana that doesn’t have some sort of physical representation of a human in the image. The eight wands flying through the air tell us that something might slow us down a little bit, but not stop us. Wands are about fire, energy, and growth. It’s passionate and creative. This card tells us to get back to basics, get some perspective then get moving.

Saturday brings in the Ace of Cups. The Aces are new beginnings and this one is a beginning in the water element. Water is the realm of our emotion. This tells us that whatever we are coming up against or working on, we need to beginning from a place of love, understanding and compassion.

Sunday is another Ace, this time the Ace of Pentacles. This beginning is in the form of a new opportunity or to manifest our goals, perhaps to go full force on what we were working on Friday. With the Pentacles we have to remember that time is involved. Nothing will manifest quickly. It will take time and work so we need to be committed.

This brings us back to our underlying energy of the Knight of Pentacles. Whatever we are working on this weekend we need to take care, plan well. Slow but sure will win the race for us!

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