Today’s Daily Draw

It’s time for a mid-week break! Now I am not suggesting we call in sick and hang around the house in our comfy clothes all day and watch mindless tv, although that does sound nice. What our card, Relax, asks is that we give ourselves a break today. We don’t have to everything for everybody. Do what we can and delegate the rest.  We don’t have to be locked into one way of thinking or doing because that’s the way something has always been done. Be open to other possibilities, and don’t let the stress of the day or the week get under our skin. Find the humor in a stressful situation and laugh. Laughter helps us relax and clear our head. After the day is over, get in the comfy clothes, make some popcorn and snuggle on sofa with someone you love and watch a movie!

Today’s Universal Number

We might just need to cut ourselves some slack today. We have a Five Day, and we all know that means anything can and probably will go sideways. Fortunately this energy teaches is to be flexible and have a plan B, C, D….

Today’s Crystal

Rose Quartz seemed like the perfect choice for today. To love and forgive also means we must love and forgive ourselves when things go wrong. All we can do is our best. Lets offer ourselves a little bit of self love today.

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