Today’s Daily Draw

Our bottom card, the Seven of Wands, is here to let us know we may have to stand our ground to defend our position or fend off some competition. Our hero on this card is wearing yellow and green, which means he has a confident heart about whatever he is defending. The stream of water he is standing over tells us he is also emotionally invested in it as well.

Today’s card is the Knight of Cups. Now when this card appears in a reading it can mean a new opportunity or a new relationship is coming to us and it could very well be that this is what we are defending, and that’s wonderful. Our card tells us to lead with our heart and take action but it must be done realistically and with thought as well. On a deeper level though our Knight is from the suit of cups and this deals with our subconscious and intuition. We can also see a great deal of blue in both cards which tells us that truth and communication are absolutely necessary.

Whatever it is that we are defending, we know that we will have the high ground and be confident in ourselves and the opinion or choice that we are defending. Being confident is good but that doesn’t mean we can lord our position over everyone or be condescending in any way. Our bottom card shows us that there is no brutal attack going on. What our opponents want is to understand. Using the intuitive skills and our emotional ties to our stand that the Knight of Cups offers will go a long way to help communicate our point. Explain the pros and cons as well. Showing the competition why we’re so passionate could turn them in our favor.

Today’s Universal Number

We have a Four Day and this is absolutely perfect. Four is a number of order and structure. It is about creating a foundation that we can build on. Doing what we can to bring the competition to our point of view will greatly help us move forward with whatever we are working on. Having a team to help and support us is better than jealous haters!

Today’s Crystals

I chose Garnet for today. This crystal is wonderful for helping to remove negative energy. It helps us let go of thoughts and beliefs that don’t serve our highest good. Garnet gives us the determination to commit to our beliefs and to stand through difficult situations.

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