The Weekend Ahead

Our weekend Tarot Draw seems to be hinting forward movement is coming. With Mercury on the move again, and Mars getting ready to do the same we can be assured that things are going to start changing real soon. Am I hearing a collective sigh of relief!?

Friday starts the weekend off with the Three of Wands. Wands are all about fire, passion and growth. While we might have seen some of this during the Mercury and Mars Retrogrades, it was probably a fight to get there. Our card is telling us that we have done our creative work and now we stand and contemplate the reward for all the hard work put in. The merchant on the card is watching the harbour for his ships to come back from trade routes. As he stands looking out to the horizon he is already planning what advancements he can make to his business,  the things he can do for his family and anything else he wants because he is actively manifesting his future.
The colors on the card tell us he is absolutely confident. With all that yellow, he couldn’t be anything else. His red cloak tells us he is secure in himself and the work he has done to get where he is. He has a firm grip on a wand which tells us he knows who he is and what he can do. He planned well and worked hard to make it happen.

Saturday brings us The World! This is a card of celebration, freedom and liberation. When this card comes up in a reading, it tells us we’ve done it. We have come to a place of fulfillment in some way and good things are coming for us. Perhaps a fractured relationship has healed. A business or work related project has done very well for us. Or an opportunity we have been waiting for is finally opening up.

Sunday might look like a little bit of a downer after Friday and Saturday’s card appearing so good for us. We have the Five of Pentacles and on the surface it looks like a pretty dismal card. Our heroes appear to be down on their luck, out in the cold, injured and destitute. But, that’s not the case at all.
The Five of Pentacles tells us that life is a journey. We can’t always stay where we are, all warm and cozy just because we’re feeling comfortable there. Life is about change and sometimes we have to go out and make it happen. Our card tells us it won’t be easy. Sometimes we will feel like we’re out in the cold with no place to go. There will be problems to overcome, and communication and relationship issues to deal with.
This card is a promise that at the end of the journey our dreams will be fulfilled. If we look at the faces of the man and woman, they aren’t sad, or worried. They are calm and moving quickly. In fact they are running toward their future!

The bottom card is The Chariot. This card is about accomplishment, skill, balance, control and victory. Again there is a great deal of confidence in this card. The canopy over our rider tells us he is protected and the stars hint at unlimited potential in the future. All we have to do is get going!
Mercury came direct on the 19th and Mars will on Sunday. The energy that these two held back have been smouldering for some time now, getting ready to burst into a roaring flame of creativity and passion. So what are we waiting for? Let’s Go!!

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