Today’s Daily Draw

This week has been a bit of a rollercoaster so far, with things that we might be worried about and fears we’ve buried deep within us. The Moon Card came to add a veil of illusion and possible deception to the mix for us today. When the moon shines in a reading we are potentially faced with a bit of confusion and possibly misunderstandings. We could find ourselves trying to see the truth of a situation or the outcome of a project clearly enough to make a choice about the next step to be taken. We are either are not aware of all the details or we are not being realistic about what is going on.

Fortunately we have the Knight of Wands riding in, dressed and ready for battle. He came to give us the energy and confidence to get going. That’s fine, we could use the energy and passion of our knight, but our issue is not seeing clearly. Rather than charging off in a direction that might confuse things even more, take the time to think things through, get some of the big questions answered before we get going. Having a good plan first is always a good idea.

Today’s Universal Number

We have an Eight Day and this is very good for us! Eight is a number of power, balance and abundance. The high level of order and structure will come in handy for us.

Today’s Crystals

I chose Rainbow Flourite and Moonstone for today. Rainbow Flourite is an excellent help when our minds are cluttered and we can’t seem to get things going. Moonstone works with our Third Eye Chakra to help out intuition be more on point for us.

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