The Weekend Ahead

Our lives are full of lists, pressure and expectations that we place on ourselves and those that are placed on us. As we come into Friday we see the energy running beneath our weekend is balance and movement.

Friday brings us the Four of Swords. I love the cards image. We see the figure of a man laying down, hands together as if he is praying. There are three swords facing down above him and one directly below him. There is also a stained glass window implying that he is in a church setting. When I see swords facing down I get the impression that there is something, an issue that requires attention.

It could be, we have several things on our minds today. Whether the concerns are work related, a relationship issue, worry about a friend or finances; the three swords facing down tell us there is one major issue and we should focus on that first. Don’t rush into any decisions. It is time to be honest with ourselves. Weigh the potential pros and cons and ask what is really important to us in the long-term. Our card is quite literally telling us to seek guidance and sleep on it.

Saturdays card is the Two of Cups. In a relationship reading this card can hint at a coming engagement or marriage. With yesterdays card telling us that there is one major decision on our minds, it could means that for some of us this could be the case and todays card is a validation that perhaps it’s time to take that next step. This card can also mean a coming together of like minds for a business partner ship or project. It implies mutual respect and stability.

Sunday brings us the Judgment card. This is about honesty and transformation. Like the number nine in numerology, this card is both and ending and a beginning. It asks us to take a look where we are and where we want to go. It can sometimes tell us there is a test of some kind coming. That test could be asking us to stand for what we believe and to answer the call of our heart.

This brings us back to our bottom card, The Chariot. This card speaks to us about strength, balance, and our potential. It lets us know that we have more power than we know. We are the ones in charge of our destiny. Whether we reach it or not is entirely up to us. Think carefully about whatever is on our minds. The choices we make, can bring balance, fulfillment and a greater understanding to our lives.

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