Indigo Gabbro in The Morning Light

Indigo Gabbro is a fairly new find on the geology scene. I wasn’t able to pin down a date that it was discovered or by whom. I was only able to get that it was found in “The Last Few Years” in Madagascar but can also be found in Alaska. Some of the articles dated to 2010, so my guess is that this mineral was found in the last eight to ten years. It is a 4-5 on the MOHS scale, so it’s fairly hard. One thing I should mention is that this stone has an alternate name which is Mystic Merlinite. There is no difference between the two. You just pay more for Mystic Merlinite!

Indigo Gabbro is a combination of several minerals such as Fluorite, Muscovite, Chlorite, Serpentine and many more. The Gabbro is talking about the dark stone that these others are combined in. Gabbro is an igneous rock high in iron content, magnesium and quartz. All of this mashed together in the cooling magma on the ocean floor and made this beautiful mottled stone. It’s color ranges from indigo blue to black to purple. In the sunlight you can see the Feldspar shimmer!

Metaphysically this stone is amazing. The energy is very strong, you can feel it in your Third Eye Chakra immediately when holding it. Here is a list of some of its qualities:

  • It works well for past life recall
  • Encourages inspired thinking and quick reactions
  • Helps deal with changes in life
  • Balances positive and negative energy
  • Helps you learn to connect with your higher consciousness
  • Using it during meditation will help bring clear messages
  • It can bring up deeply rooted past issues, then help you deal with them and release the energy

If this sounds like a something you would like to work with I encourage you to get a piece and give it a try. Even though I didn’t really mention physical healing aspects for this stone; this is the point where I usually let you all know that I am not a doctor and do not suggest leaving the wonderfully helpful allopathic medical system. I am only suggesting alternate choices to enhance your physical and spiritual health.

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