Barite in The Morning Light

Barite, also spelled Baryte, is a fairly soft clear mineral that can range transparent to translucent. From my research it seems the first discovery of this mineral was in the 1600’s near Bologna Italy by a man named Vincenzo Cascariolo. Some of the other locations that Barite is found are Britain, Romania, Germany, Australia and here in America. This is generally a clear crystal but they can have a hint of color caused by mineral impurities. My piece has a very slight pink color. The MOHS scale has it at 3 to 3.5.

The energy of this mineral is quite high, it grabs you the moment you pick it up. I feel it immediately in my Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra. Barite strengthens your intuitive ability and builds a strong connection to your higher self.

A few other characteristics of this lovely mineral are:

  • It assists astral travel.
  • Sleeping with a piece helps you remember dreams and understand them.
  • Having a piece within your Auric field help clear blocks in the upper Chakras.
  • Helps clear the obstacles you may have to achieving your life purpose.
  • It increases your Chi Energy which helps revitalize you if you’re tired.
  • Because of its Third Eye and Crown Chakra connection this is a great crystal for healers to channel healing energy and receive messages with.

If the qualities of this crystal peak your interest I invite you to get a piece and discover how it can improve your life.

Even though I didn’t really mention any physical healing aspects for this crystal; this is the point where I must make the usual claim that I am not a doctor and do not suggest leaving the wonderfully helpful allopathic medical system. I am only suggesting alternate choices to enhance your physical and spiritual health.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon


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