The Seven Steps

My guides quite often speak to me in my sleep. A few days ago, they came and talked to me about the process of healing. I was told that there are seven steps.

The First Step is coming to the realization that a problem exists. Whether the issue is a with your health, a relationship, your job, belief systems, low self-esteem, or maybe it’s a really negative attitude toward life. Whatever the issue may be, the important thing is the problem has been identified and the decision made to do something about it.

The Second Step is deciding what you are going to do about it and whether some kind of professional help is needed. Sometimes we have the self-discipline to overcome an issue on our own. Other times we really need help. It is important to understand that asking for or seeking out help is an indication of bravery not weakness.

The Third Step is believing it is possible to make a change and heal whatever the problem or situation may be. Going into any change with an attitude that nothing will get better is setting yourself up for failure. Our thoughts create our reality. If I were to go to a naturopath or a therapist because I had an issue but didn’t believe anything could change, and didn’t follow their advice, nothing is going to change is it? We must believe that things can get better.

The Fourth Step is one of the most difficult because it requires us to look into our darkness. Inner reflection is not an easy thing to do. Acknowledging our pain and accepting that we have hurt ourselves and others is not easy and this is why many people give up the healing process. Everyone has a dark side. Everyone has emotional pain and hidden secrets. Shining light into that darkness is the only way to be free of it.

The Fifth Step is almost as difficult as the previous step. We must hold ourselves accountable for the healing. This means being dedicated to the process. Nothing heals overnight. It takes time and more often than not it won’t be easy. It will, though, be worth it.

The Sixth Step is to do the work. Stick to the process is great but that also means being willing to do the hard work necessary to heal.

The Seventh Step is the most important. As we do the work we have to let shit go! Let go of the pain, the negative thoughts and beliefs. Healing is like a birthing process, we are becoming a new and better version of ourselves. That new self doesn’t need remnants of the old us hanging around. We aren’t that person anymore.

Learning to love ourselves isn’t an easy job. In this reality, very little that is worthwhile comes easily. Be willing to take the steps, because your worth it.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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