Today’s Daily Draw

Is it time to let go of something today? Are we looking for more meaning in our lives? This is the underlying energy of our card today which is the Knight of Cups. Our Knight is about movement and action. He is unpredictable, imaginative, and romantic. The knight rides into our view today to let us know that someone or something may come to bring us a creative opportunity that will give us an emotional boost. The question is what are we going to do about it?

Our bottom card, the Eight of Cups is a card of change and finding balance. It asks us what it is that will make us happy, what is going to give our lives more meaning? Our cards are asking us whether it’s time for us to make a change. Maybe we have a hobby or some other kind of interest that we love and we have dreamed about making it our job. It could be that there is an areas of our lives that just doesn’t feel right and we’ve been telling ourselves to do something about it. Well our cards are telling that whatever the opportunity is, we should give it some thought today. Today could be the day to commit ourselves to making that change that will give us the deeper meaning we could be looking for.

Today’s Universal Number

Todays number couldn’t be more perfect. We have a Seven Day and this energy is about seeking insight and knowledge. Seven is a very spiritual energy and it could be that we are looking for something that will fill a place in our lives that is seeking a more spiritual energy.

Today’s Crystals

Rose Quartz and Optical Calcite are today’s choices. Rose Quartz is a great idea because it is a crystal of love and we don’t always give ourselves the permission to do what will make us happy. Optical Calcite clears out negative energy and amplifies positive. This is important for today because that positive energy will push out any fear based emotion relating to making changes in our lives.

Thank you BJ for today’s guest reading!


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