Chiastolite in the Morning Light

Chiastolite is an interesting stone. More commonly known as the Cross Stone, it is a form of Andalusite. The Cross Stone was created when minerals like Muscovite, Paragonite and Margarite settled into Graphite sediment and clung to the strips. I don’t understand the science of it, but it’s interesting to know that the black cross is graphite!

The Ancient Chinese revered this stone because it shows the four cardinal directions. They believe that it attracts peace, harmony, good health and good fortune. They also thought that if a piece was placed in the center of your home it would attract these qualities to your home and family. It’s worth a try!!

The first documentation of the Chiastolite was in 1754 by a Franciscan Priest named Jose Torrubia in his book called Aparato para Historica Natural Espanola. For those of us that do not speak Spanish, me included, I translated this title and his book is called Apparatus for Spanish Natural History. This also tells us that one of the countries where this mineral can be found is Spain! Some of the others are China, France, Brazil, Chile, Canada, and Sri Lanka.

The energy of this crystal is highly protective. It will help prevent your energy from being drained by energy vampires. Some of its other characteristics are:

  • Encourages creative thinking
  • It helps release thought patters holding you back.
  • Adds a calm, creative and productive energy to the workplace.
  • Gives you the strength and perseverance to adapt to change.
  • Helps you stay calm, secure and balanced when things around you are chaotic.
  • Helps you to not fear death by giving you a connection to the cycle of life.
  • It’s wonderful protection when traveling.
  • Wonderful for meditating and channeling
  • It helps you see the big picture by allowing you see all the sides of a problem and all possible solutions.

On a physical level Chiastolite helps heal blood conditions and circulation problems like blood pressure issues. It helps repair bone issues, rheumatism, gout and muscle weakness.

This brings us to that wonderful part of these posts where I give you my usual disclaimer. I am not a doctor and am not in any way suggesting you give up the world of allopathic medicine. I offer information and opportunities for alternative support for your physical and spiritual well-being.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon


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