Ruby in Fuchsite in The Morning Light

Back in April I did a post about Ruby in Zoisite. Today I have another Ruby combination and this one is Ruby in Fuchsite. Being a green and pink combination as the previous one is, this lovely is a wonderful Heart Chakra piece. It also works very well with the Crown and Third Eye Chakras.

This mineral was discovered somewhere around 1816 ish by the Mineralogist Johann Nepomuk Von Fuchs. Some of the countries where it can be found are Brazil, India, Ethiopia, South Africa, Pakistan and Russia. Because there are two crystals to this mineral, there are two hardness levels. The Fuchsite is quite soft with a Mohs scale of 2-3. The Ruby is hard and has a scale of 9. It’s not easily carved because the Fuchsite is so soft, but it can be made into nice jewelry pieces.

As I said this is a wonderful Heart Chakra crystal. It gives off a deep level of compassion, understanding and acceptance. As a crystal of renewal Ruby in Fuchsite cleans and clears mental and emotional blocks, leaving you more balanced and able to release emotional stress.

Some other qualities of this stone are:

  • Transmutes negative and destructive energy into positive energy.
  • It activates and enhances psychic ability as well as our connection to spirit
  • It helps you be more objective and accepting of other points of view.
  • It increases awareness and connection to Earth energy
  • It amplifies intent
  • Encourages you to take better care of your health.
  • Clears the Heart Chakra and fills it with love.

There is one warning I must give in connection to this crystal and that is that it carries a very low-level of radiation. I don’t think that it is high enough to be seriously dangerous but still it should be mentioned. And, this brings me to my disclaimer. The point where I must tell you that I am not a doctor and I am in no way suggesting you give up your normal medical practitioner. I only offer alternatives to enhance your current level of care.

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