Today’s Daily Draw

Yesterday we had the Two of Wands. Our merchant was standing sideways reflecting on the past and what it taught him. Today we see him again, in the Three of Wands but his back is to us. He’s left the past behind and is looking out over the harbor at his ships coming in to port. Our merchant did his planning, now he is ready for the future. He knows how he will expand his business, care for his family and maybe take a vacation.

Look at all the yellow in the image. Yellow is the color of confidence, creativity and success. The Three of Wands tells us things are looking up. It’s here to remind us that we are the masters of our dreams. We are powerful, creative beings, so lets create! Our thoughts become the reality we live, why live with less than what we want. Think big, long term, be open to the opportunities around us today and embrace change. Stay positive. Stay focused and make it happen.

Our bottom card made me chuckle a little. There are always going to be haters. People that are jealous of what we have but yet are unwilling to do the work themselves to get where we are. You know the type, right? Well they may come calling today but don’t worry. Our hero in the image has the higher ground. Nobody can touch him, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be prepared to defend our position just as he is. Be brave and determined. We are invested in the outcome. Good good solid two-way communication of our point, explaining the plans and how it all comes together should shut the haters down.

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s universal number couldn’t possibly be more perfect. We have a 11/2 day. The Master Numbers are high energy days and this one falls on a full moon making is even more potent. Use the energy well!!!

Today’s Crystals

Citrine and Chrysoprase seemed to make the most sense for today. Citrine is all about confidence, creativity and success. Chrysoprase will give us courage, teach us to love our challenges because they make us strong and it will give us strength and inspiration.

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