July Amplified

Energetically July is going to be a very busy month. This is the second and final eclipse season of the year, the first is in January. Normally we have two eclipses, a solar and a lunar to keep things balanced but this season we have three with each falling on or near a Master Number day. If that isn’t exciting enough we also have Mercury going Retrograde in Leo. 

So, let’s talk eclipses. The orbit of the moon around the earth as we travel around the sun determines the eclipse seasons. The season averages 34 to 37 days in length and come around again in just under six months. As I said normally we have two each season, a solar and a lunar, but depending on the sun and the moon (all that sciencey stuff) we can have more and this July season brings us three. Two partial solar and a total lunar eclipse. 

The first is on July 13, a Friday of course, but it’s also a new moon and a universal 33/6 day. This is eclipse will be visible in Southern Australia and the Antarctic. Unfortunately, not many people are going to be able to witness it unless you take the journey. Remember though that the energy of this and all eclipse events can be felt world-wide. The combination of the new moon and the master number make the energy of the day an incredibly potent way to begin the new cycle. The 33/6 energy will bring our focus to our relationships. Having the master number energy combined with the new moon and the eclipse makes it worth taking the time to meditate and plan what you want to manifest into your life. This will be a calm, feminine energy but don’t mistake that for weak energy. Working with Labradorite will be effective in meditation and manifestation. 

The second eclipse is a biggie. It will occur on Friday the 27 and be a full blood moon total lunar eclipse and the longest eclipse of the century. How cool is that!! It is also a master number day, the 11/2. Again, this will not visible here in America, that pleasure is for most of Europe and anyone that travels to see it. The energy of the full moon calls us to be grateful and release what is not working or for our highest good. The combination of the male/female 11/2 energy is a great help for us. Crystals to work with during this eclipse would be Moonstone and Selenite. 

Beginning with the full moon eclipse we have Mercury Retrograde entering the picture on the 25th.  With Mercury being Retrograde we don’t want to make any plans or sign contracts. It is a time for review, not a time to initiate anything because chances are on the other side of the cycle we might regret it. This retrograde is in Leo and will last until August 18th. Leo brings several characteristics to us during this period. During this cycle 

  • Our ideas and dreams will be tested. If it’s important hang in there and don’t lose faith. 
  • We will be likely to lose our temper more, be careful! 
  • People in positions of authority, like politicians, are more likely to make stupid mistakes. This would be a really good time to pray for our leaders!! 
  • Relationships might heat up, not a bad thing if it’s with someone you truly care for. 
  • Leo can make you want to over indulge, don’t!! 
  • Put off important business deals, don’t sign contracts. Review only! 

Saturday August 11 is the final eclipse of the season and the year. It’s not falling on a master number day. That was the day before and it was a 22/4, building a solid foundation. The day of the week is an 11 though, bringing the master energy closer. This eclipse is another partial solar and on the new moon. It will be visible in North Eastern Europe and the Arctic.  

It’s going to be an exciting month full of energetic opportunity. Enjoy it!! 

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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