Today’s Daily Draw

This is another draw where the message begins with the bottom card. We have the Nine of swords here to let us know there may be a situation causing us some worry or fear. Not the ordinary kind of worry either. Whatever is going on today might be the kind of fear, anxiety and worry that keeps people up at night. The kind of situation that brings things to grinding halt because we don’t know what to do next because we imagine the worst possible scenario happening. The thing we need to remember today is that this is the Nine of Swords. The Swords deal with the air element which includes our minds and sometimes thoughts become a tornado of fearful what ifs.

The Ace of Cups is here for us, to let us know that this doesn’t have to be the way our day is going to work. If we take a step away for a little while and relax we will see that we have no physical proof that any of our plans are going wrong. If it makes us feel better, go ahead and review the plans. there is nothing wrong with checking the details. The Ace of Cups is a beginning and a kind of blessing. If we work from a place of love instead of fear today we might just find some inspiration that can move things in a new direction.

Today’s Universal Number

The universal energy is a Three today and this sunny, happy energy is just what we need to keep our spirits up and out of the land of fear and worry so that we can rise above it and make this a good day.

Today’s Crystals

It seemed that Clear Quartz and Jasper would be a good choice today. Clear Quartz will help us get rid of the negative energy that we have and Jasper works well with the Root Chakra to make us feel more certain that everything is going to work out.

Thankyou BJ for today’s Guest Reading!

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