Unakite in The Morning Light

Unakite is a type of Jasper formed from a combination of pink feldspar and green epidote. It was first discovered in the Unaka Mountains bordering the Tennessee and North Carolina. I wasn’t able to pin down a year but it’s also been found in China and Brazil. The hardness on the mohs scale is 6-7.

Being pink and green, it works well with the Heart Chakra and the energy is very loving, kind and nurturing. One of the things I like about this crystal is its ability to help you overcome bad habits. The energy if this crystal absolutely helps in this aspect. Unakite also works with the Diaphragm Chakra to release old emotional wounds and toxic emotion that prevent us from growing emotionally and spiritually.

A few of the other characteristics of this crystal are:

  • Opens and activates the Third Eye Chakra
  • It is grounding
  • Protects against electromagnetic pollution
  • Can help with past life recall

Physically some of the things this crystal helps with are:

  • Aiding tissue regeneration
  • Helps ease addictive behaviors with drugs and alcohol
  • Helps the body recover from illness

I hope you enjoyed this short look into the wonderful world of Unakite and how it can help enrich your life. If you feel this crystal would be helpful to your life I encourage you to buy a piece and give it a try. This brings us to the point of my usual disclaimer where I tell you that I am not a medical professional and am in no way suggesting you leave allopathic medicine. I only suggest alternate possibilities to assist in your regular methods of good health.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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