Morning Ramble

My morning rambling thoughts.

I am feeling over responsible today. I have a friend on my heart this morning. This person often comes to me for emotional validation. They complain about their life and how bad it is but does nothing to help themselves. This person thinks they are awake but they not as awake as they think.

Do you ever feel like everything is your personal responsibility? To the point that you feel like you need to make everything better for everyone? I feel like I need to step in and do more than just try to guide. I am afraid I must be brutally honest, but I know how much that would hurt them. At the same time honesty is always the better choice. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could help everyone, fix their emotional and physical pain. We want to because it hurts us to see people hurting or struggling; but we can’t take away their lessons can we?

The most loving thing we can do is encourage and guide someone along their path. Maybe that’s the lesson for us. There are times when we can and should help, but sometimes to let someone help themselves is the most loving thing to do. People won’t grow or make good life decisions if someone always steps in and does it for them.

Strength and courage are forged in the fires of life, by making mistakes, failing and getting back up to try again. We don’t learn to think for ourselves if someone is always making our choices for us. 

OK done rambling!

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

2 thoughts on “Morning Ramble

  1. I’ve had someone in my life that sounds similar too. I have learned the wisdom you are sharing today because of them, because I didn’t know when or how to take that step back until it was too late. Sometimes we can give too much and it depletes us, and it also keeps others from taking responsibility for their own situation too.
    Thank you for sharing your experience.

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