Today’s Daily Draw

Today’s cards tell us the we could have an issue to get control of. Our card is the King of Cups, he is a leader who is very much in control. He is a kind compassionate man, deeply committed to his people. Over the course of his life he has become extremely balanced between his emotions and his intelligence. This makes him an excellent communicator. It is this balance and skill that we may need today.

The Chariot is here as the bottom card and it is also about control as well as movement. When this card comes up there is a good chance that if there is an issue to be had it’s probably within the workplace. Fortunately for us the Chariot has a great deal of skill and the ability to move fast.

The message these cards bring us is that if we have a situation that could get out of hand today, be the leader, step in and get control before chaos sets in. Talk to the people involved and discover what is going on and help find a solution that will make everyone happy.

Today’s Universal Number

Today is a Nine Day. The energy of this number is about endings and beginnings. It’s about tolerance, compassion and understanding. This is an excellent energy to have around us today!

Today’s Crystals

lepidolite seemed like the perfect choice today because of its lithium content. It has a very calming energy that helps reduce frayed nerves and high stress levels. This will help everyone to communicate better and come to a fast resolution to whatever the issue is today.

Thank you BJ for today’s guest reading!

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