Today’s Daily Draw

Every suit in the tarot has an interesting story and a set of lessons to teach and they are all cool but if I had to choose my favorite suit it would be the Staffs. There are several other names for this suit like Rods, Wands and Fire but regardless of the name, the path is not changed. I like this suit because of the creative energy and the passion it holds. We are going to get a good dose of this energy today because we have the Ace of Staffs bringing us the possibility of a new beginning of some kind. It could be a new creative hobby, a new job, a journey somewhere interesting; this card also hints of a possible inheritance. How awesome would that be! One of the lessons of this card is that we are the one responsible for the path of our lives. If we are not happy with the way it is going it is up to us to make any changes that we feel might be necessary.

Our bottom card, the King of Cups, also has a creative aspect to it but he brings more than to the table in the way of support today. He is a man in full control of himself and his emotions. He isn’t a stick in the mud or anything, but when it comes to important matters our king is deeply committed to making sure that all goes well. As a communicator there is no one better that this King. Being the ruler of the element of water he is highly intuitive and he uses this ability well.

The message our cards have for us is that our emotions can sometimes be all over the place, life has a way of doing that to us. We are going to need the kind of control our King has today. If we are going to be in a position to make important choices about a life change we need to make a logical and well though out decision not one from a place of overflowing emotion. Yes this could be a very exciting opportunity but a change means there will be things to consider. If everything seems good and it feels right, well then Go For It!

Today’s Universal Number

We have a Three Day today. The energy is light, optimistic and creative. It goes well with the energy of our card!

Today’s Crystals

I chose Moss Agate and Mookaite Jasper to accompany today’s cards. Both crystals will help us on the path of a new beginning. Moss Agate, like all Agate in this family, has a quality of stability that will help us stay grounded when we need to be. It also has this wonderful way of bringing to us what we need, and this could come in handy. Mookaite Jasper is a really cool looking stone that just loves adventures. It shields against negative energy, worry and like the agate its grounding. Mookaite will help you harness your personal power and give you the insight needed to make big decisions.



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