The Road less Traveled

There are no wrong roads. Each will eventually get us where we are meant to be. The question is do we take the easy route or the one less traveled. You would think most people would choose the easy way, but no, we don’t. You see, only the bravest souls come here and we almost always choose the hard, less traveled road. The scenery is better but the lessons are like the road, rocky, steep, full of ruts and sometimes seemingly impassable. 

Everything we experience is meant to teach us the truth of who we are; to show us who we are becoming. The lessons lead us to the reality that we are all one and that love is all that matters. Love does not judge, criticize, or compare. It doesn’t come with strings attached, it is unconditional. There is no shame or blame where love is. 

As we move through the rocks and other roadblocks we have a choice to either curse the road or be thankful for its lesson. We can be grateful for the good and not so good people we encounter and enjoy life or be bitter and angry that someone wronged us or that life is hard. Life can be complicated, scary, hard and even cruel sometimes, but it all boils down to, did we choose love?

It’s not easy to stay positive. It’s not easy to love in a world full of negativity. It’s not easy to pray for people who are misguided, bitter, angry or cruel but we must because we love. 

Love does not pick and choose, it can’t. To say I will love this person because they are kind but not that person because they are not or did something horrible means that we do not truly love. 

Love is the highest vibration. It’s light and energy are so pure, that no lower vibration can exist within in. Love does not judge, compare or hate. 

Be the love this world needs. Pray for those that may not pray for us. Pray for those that don’t pray. Love can change the world and it will happen one heart at a time. 

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon


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