Today’s Daily Draw

We just had a pair of fire cards two days ago, and we do again. The Two of fire was here about a week ago and has come back as our main card this time. The image is striking with all the orange, green and yellow. There is a lot of creative energy in this card. We are looking at an endless horizon full of possibility and rising out of the valley comes a huge hand holding two arrows. This could be two ideas we have before us today. Maybe it’s two people we are dealing with or are we just trying to get more done than we have time in the day. If the hand represents our end goal then we have a small problem because it’s two valleys away. It’s not far but far enough to be an annoyance for us. A decision must be made and a plan of action decided on.

Our bottom card is the Ace of Fire. The Aces are about new beginnings, transformation, and being courageous. The message of this card is that we are the ones that have control over our lives and it’s time to expand some horizons. Take a look at all the possibilities today. Consider what decisions from the past have brought us to this point and what needs to be done to get where we want to be.

The Ace is telling us we  have the ambition and the determination to get there. We can step up and lead if we need to and our Two is letting us know we have the creative energy and the confidence to get the job done. All we have to do is make the choices that need to be made today and put a good action plan into place. So let’s get going!!

Today’s Universal Number

I absolutely love the synchronicity that today is a Four Day! The energy of this number gives us the structure, order and focus to build a solid foundation and this is exactly what we need today. Awesome!!

Today’s Crystals

I went with the first two crystal choices and didn’t give myself a chance consider other possibilities. There are many of course 🙂 The first to come to mind was Sodalite. This crystal works well with the Third Eye Chakra to help us think clearly and make the decisions that must be made. The second is Carnelian for the creativity, the courage and the energy boost to do what has to be done.



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