Today’s Daily Draw

Becoming the person we want to be requires a growth process. Letting go of what is not working for us and learning the lessons that life throws our way. It’s not an easy or a fast process but it is a necessary one. Our card, the Three of Earth is here to let us know we may have a breakthrough of some kind today. Three is the number of creativity, the imagination, self expression and abundance. The image on our card shows three new sprouting trees with their roots reaching to and wrapping around the heart of Mother Earth. Directly behind them are three dying moss covered trees. Whether consciously or not we might have released something that made room for a new opportunity or creative project that may come our way.

The Mother of Water is our bottom card and nobody is more creative, imaginative or intuitive that this lovely lady. She is perfect support for us. Her message is that we have done the emotional work needed to get to this point. We are strong and in control so be inspired today. If a project or opportunity is interesting and feels right go ahead and grab it. One thing to keep in mind is that we are dealing with the earth element and with that time is always a factor. It might take a while for this opportunity to come full circle for us. That isn’t a bad thing though, getting in at the beginning means we have some amount of control in the foundation building of the project. If we stay diligent and focused throughout the process it will be alright.

Today’s Universal Number

The energy we have is the Eight today and it is just what we need. This is a highly focused and powerful energy that brings structure and balance into the picture for us. Use it well!!

Today’s Crystals

I think I have mentioned before that this is the most complicated part of doing this post everyday. There are so many crystals to choose from that I want to offer choices rather than keep picking my favorite goto pieces all the time. For today I wanted to choose crystals that would encourage creativity and also tap into our intuitive and imaginative abilities. I narrowed down the possibilities by going to the Chakras involved in todays draw. Creativity comes from our lower Chakras so I chose Carnelian. this is our Sacral Chakra, where our passion resides. Intuition and imagination are in the Third Eye Chakra and for this I chose Iolite.

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