Today’s Daily Draw

The Daughter of Air is here with energy, passion, enthusiasm as well as confusion and nervous energy. We see the maiden in the image seeking guidance. A beautiful eagle is coming with a message because she is struggling to make sense of her thoughts and feelings. Our maidens hair is flowing, hinting that she is ready to get moving. Notice the area around her is grey with no plant life. This talks  about our level of confusion. We might not be sure which way to go or what to do but in the distance we see greens, blues and oranges telling us this is a temporary state. We just need to get some clarity, make a plan, pick a direction and get going.

Our bottom card is theTwo of Earth and it is here to help us find some balance. This card is about change, growth and transformation. It tells us that we need to think carefully and make a plan before we make a move today. Listen to our intuition and trust the flow. We need to be willing to step outside our comfort zone to reach our goal. We just need to stick to the plan and embrace the change that is coming soon.

Today’s Universal Number

Today is a Seven Day and this is good for us. The seven energy looks for knowledge, insight and wisdom. It will go a long way to help us find the information we will need today.

Today’s Crystals

For balance and finding our way I chose Labradorite and Zebra Jasper. Labradorite is about transformation and opens our intuition. Zebra Jasper helps us find our balance and gives us optimism.


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