Today’s Daily Draw

We have a beautiful card today. The Six of Fire is here to say that we have done our work and everything is coming together, things are going to work out. We see a blooming Echinacea flower against an orange sky that speaks to us about the passion and committment we have to whatever our goal might be. It’s surrounded by grass that tells us about the growth we have achieved along the way. The arrows pointing to the sky tell us that our thoughts and actions are taking us in the right direction. Our bottom card tells us that direction is to a place of peace and harmony. The Two of Air is a card that tells us the difficult times are over. We have made good choices and they are bringing us to a place of balance.

Today’s universal Number

Today’s number is pretty cool. We have Master Number 11/2 which is awesome because our bottom card is also a two. Todays energy is lighting the way to peace, harmony and balance.

Today’s Crystals

I chose Carnelian and Citrine to accompany today’s cards. Carnelian is a crystal that has a creative and courageous energy. It will help us stay focused on what we need to be doing. Citrine is a member of the very large Quartz family and one of the characteristics of this family is that it helps us release negative energy. It is also a crystal that draws success so these two beauties will come in handy today!

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