Today’s Daily Draw

We have the Five of Earth. Five is the number of movement, and the ability to be flexible. This might be an issue for us as we could find ourselves in a situation, whether personal or professional, that could appear totally unworkable. Perhaps everything we planned has gone sideways today or the expectations have changed and of course there is a time line we have to meet. We are left frustrated and wonder what the blue blazes we are going to do now. Sure we are worried and feeling a little less than optimistic, but the frist thing we need to do is step away from the situation, breathe, and get some perspective on the situation. All is not lost. There is a solid foundation under our broken basket and there are a few kernels of corn left. All we have to do is figure out what to do with them to turn this day around.Our bottom card has the answer. It is the Ace of Air and this card is about clarity, insight and it’s full of inspiration. With our fresh eyes on what has to happen we can expect things to move quickly. If we stay focused, keep an open mind and think creatively we can take what’s left of our original plan and put together a better one.

Today’s Universal Number

Today is  One Day and it’s energy is focused on new beginnings and this is just what we are going to need today.

Today’s Crystals

I chose Sapphire and Tormulated Quartz to accompany our cards. Sapphire gives us clarity, opens intuition, eases anxiety and helps dreams come true. Tormulated Quartz relieves tension and turns negative thoughts into positive ones.

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