New Tarot Spread

Everyone receives guidance all the time about questions we might have or issues going on in our lives and sometimes it’s a suggestion to spend more time outside. The problem is we fill our heads so full of lists, worries and stress that we don’t hear the very answers we need. Life is meant to be lived from the heart not the head. It is when we get out of our head that we can hear clearly.

As an example of getting out of your head. Two days ago I was in my office thinking about roadblocks in people’s lives, how they could be identified and what could be done to get beyond them. I slip out of my head pretty easily, most often without being aware of it and this is what happened. In less than five minutes I had a new Tarot Spread drop in from one of my guides. When I came back I had a drawing of the five card placement in my notebook and what each identifies for the client. I loved that it’s a five card draw. The number five is about moving forward and this spread helps people do that. I took the spread and did a reading for myself and found it accurate. I immediately called my sister and told her about what dropped in and, of course, did a read for her.

To test the spread further I put a post on my Element Facebook page asking for volunteers to have a reading done. I shared it to my personal page and between the two I did about six additional readings. The spread came from a guide so I had no doubt that it would be accurate and was pleasantly surprised at the positive responses. I do have a couple small changes to make to the read but it is an awesome spread.

I am being told that there is either another spread coming down or another layer to this one. They have shown me the placements of the cards and it’s going to be a pretty in-depth one. It will be a nine card spread. Again the number of cards is significant. Nine is a transition number I can’t wait to see what it is!


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