Finding Your Truth

As I was getting my thoughts together about whether nor not I would write this post a friend asked me how she could find her truth. I thought the timing of her question was pretty interesting and it validated that I should write it. Back in 2016 I wrote a post that I called Living Your TruthI wanted to take that idea a bit further and answer the question,

How do we find our personal truth?

It certainly isn’t easy, but it’s not really complicated either, it just takes a willingness to be brave and question everything you’ve ever been told about the world and ourselves. We grow up being, programmed, if you will by the opinions and beliefs of our families, friends, religious leaders, schools and the news.

We could hear a variety of things like:

  • Life is hard
  • Good things don’t happen to people like us
  • Follow the rules
  • Don’t ask questions
  • Look out for #1
  • Dreams don’t come true

Then we get the horrible ones like:

  • You can’t do that
  • You aren’t good enough
  • You aren’t smart enough
  • You aren’t pretty enough
  • You aren’t talented enough

This list goes on and on, these types of self-limiting beliefs get drilled into us so deeply that they become our truth.

What we believe about the world and ourselves is our truth.

We can choose to accept the negative beliefs and live our lives never trying to reach beyond what we’ve been told. Or, we can rise above them by questioning everything we’ve been taught and asking ourselves is this my opinion or someone else’s? Do I believe this? If not then it’s not our truth and we let that shit go. If it doesn’t feel right to you, it’s not your belief. Truth is active, it can change over time. What we believe today might not be what we believe two years from now. This is good because it leaves room for us to grow.

As an example; I spent many years believing I was nothing. That I wasn’t good enough and that the dreams I had for my life would never come true. This was a hard thing for me to swollow. On the surface I had people I loved making me feel as if I was less than everyone on the planet. In my heart I couldn’t believe that I would not be able to live my life in the way I felt it should be. That I would have settle for the road most easily traveled like everyone else.

One day I was standing in my kitchen on the edge of giving up and I shouted,

When is it going to be my turn?

 I received an immediate response as a whisper in my right ear.

When you give yourself permission Sharon.

The answer was there all along. So simple that I overlooked it while looking for some complicated process to make everything better. I grew up knowing there was much more to the universe than we were being told yet I had absorbed the programming so completely that I didn’t think I had permission to question anything.

That’s the day everything changed and I began to do the work and question what I believed as my truth. It’s not an fast process by any stretch of the imagination. It requires a lot of work and potential backlash from family and friends because you are changing but it’s well worth the journey though.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

4 thoughts on “Finding Your Truth

  1. There’s so much truth and power and positive energy in this post. I could feel it in every word you wrote. Go for your dreams Sharon, you’re right, it’s up to us to find our truth and to not be held back. It’s never too late. Warmest wishes xo

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