Malachite In The Morning Light

Malachite is one of my favorite goto crystals. It is found near copper deposits in countries around the world like Africa, Russia, France, England and in the USA. It has been used for various purposes for so long that it’s difficult to say who discovered it first. Malachite is a hard stone, it has been carved into statuary and other decorative items. The Ancient Egyptians would grind up the stones and use the beautiful green powder as eye shadow. I find this interesting because in raw and powder form Malachite can be dangerous because of its copper content. It makes one wonder how these ancient people handled health issues related to toxic levels of copper in their systems. Perhaps they weren’t even aware of it. In tumbled form it’s not as huge concern with moderate use but it should be considered.

For healing and personal growth this is a very useful stone.  A few, but not all, of the many uses for this green beauty are:

  • Absorbing negative energy from the aura
  • Balancing our emotions
  • Protecting against energy vampires
  • Releasing negative emotion
  • Helping you to follow your heart and your life purpose
  • Increasing self-confidence

Physically Malachite helps detox the liver and Gall Bladder to help clear the blood and lower blood pressure. Because of the copper content it will help ease joint pain and torn muscles as well.

We have arrived at the point where I tell you that I am not a doctor and am not diagnosing or prescribing anything that might sound like I am a doctor. I would not suggest you leave the wonderful world of allopathic medicine. I only wish to offer alternative choices to enhance your life.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon



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