An Eleven Year

Have you ever wondered why we have the urge to make resolutions at the turn of a new year? We do it because we unconsciously feel the energy shifting and we want to make the most out of this new beginning. We all have a personal year energy, mine is the nine this year. The planet also has an energy and it is the master number 11/2. That means that this energy is influencing everyone.

Master number years are game changers on every level they appear. They don’t come around as a global energy very often but when they do the vibrational effect is higher and give us the potential for greater learning, growth and transformation. The last time our planet had an eleven year was 2009, and before that was 1910, a ninety-nine-year gap!

This is a big deal for us all. The vibration of this number is a gateway for us to move into higher levels of awareness. Unlike the normal single digit numbers, the 11/2 energy won’t gently urge us forward on our path. If allowed we will be thrust forward. We have a double one. The one is a very masculine energy. It is strong, independent, and goal-oriented. We also have the two association. Two is a feminine energy that is about duality, nurturing, harmony and intuitive awareness. We have the perfect combination of strength and intuition, independence and harmony.

When combined we can see the huge opportunity this is for us as individuals and as a family of man. Our 11/2 year is a coming together of both the male and female energy that offers a level of growth and healing on a planetary level that is rare. I have watched this play out in my Today’s Daily Draw posts for months now. The messages have been about personal and spiritual growth, letting go of what doesn’t serve our highest good, taking chances, new beginnings and paying attention to our intuitive feelings.

This year is teaching us to feel more and think less. To work together for the common good. Our lives follow a path based on what we think rather than what we feel. This is entirely backward to the original design but for now we are stuck with it. What we feel becomes our thoughts and our most dominant thoughts become our reality. With the energy of this year we have the opportunity to move ourselves and our planet into a higher level of being that it hasn’t seen in thousands of years. We can choose to see our lives from a different perspective, to see where we have been and how our thoughts and beliefs have held us back. To reflect on who we are and who we want to become then be brave enough to learn the lessons and take the next leap forward.

The light is on and the gate is open. Are you willing to take a giant leap?

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

5 thoughts on “An Eleven Year

  1. Loved this post Sharon. Yes, I can feel the difference this year. I know for me I’m ‘feeling’ more than thinking and this seems to be propelling me forward. Not without setbacks mind you but I guess that’s all part of it too.

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