Ruby Included Zoisite in the Morning Light

This beautiful crystal is a blend of Zoisite, which is a form of Epidote, and Ruby. It was first discovered in 1956 in Tanzania Africa and can also be found in India. The combined energy of these two crystals makes a gorgeous, power packed couple. The only problem is that the Ruby is a very hard crystal while Zoisite in not so it’s not easily carved but can be used for jewelry.

The energy of this crystal is about joy, happiness, gratitude, abundance a well as both inner and outer advancement. It increases our life force energy and helps us find our truest selves. This is not a crystal that will allow you to sit around and be lazy.

Ruby Zoisite works well with the Root, Heart and Third Eye Chakras to open us to love, ease sadness, anger and loss of hope. When worn or carried some of the attributes you will find are:

  • Transmutes negative energy to positive
  • Increases your concentration
  • Gives you the courage to pursue your goals
  • Increases awareness and intuitive abilities
  • Helps you trust so that fear can be released
  • Helps open communication with your guides

On the physical level Zoisite helps:

  • Activate the bodies healing
  • Restore the bodies energy and strength after radiation treatments
  • Protect against viruses and infections
  • Can increase fertility

Ruby Zoisite is an absolutely beautiful crystal with a warm loving and encouraging energy. If this seems like a crystal that you would like to work with I encourage you to give it a try. This does bring us to the part of these post where I must give my usual disclaimer. I am not a doctor and am in no way offering any medical advice nor am I suggesting you give up on allopathic medicine. I only offer possible alternate possibilities for your physical and spiritual healing.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon



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