Age of Aquarius

This is not a typical post for me but it’s one that I think is important to share. Over the course of the last few weeks I’ve become aware of a shift in the energy of the planet. Have you noticed? The vibration is higher and lighter. I feel different, more energized with less pain in my back and knees. It’s not entirely gone but my pain has definitely lessened, and I’m light headed all the time.

As March came in I was aware that something big was about to happen but didn’t really know what and I didn’t ask. I didn’t know whether it was for me personally or something more large scale. It was just in my stream of awareness and I was going with the flow. While talking with my sister one day she mentioned that she felt something big coming. Then I was talking with my brother a couple of days ago he suddenly started singing the theme song from Hair.

Recognizing the synchronicity, I had to ask myself, is the Age of Aquarius a thing? Does the Earth have ages? I’d never really given it any thought. Aquarius was just a song in a cool movie. I do know that reality is much more than we, in human form, understand. Even when you’re awake it’s sometimes difficult to wrap your head around. I know very little about Astronomy or Astrology, but when fixed points in the night sky start to move you know somethings up so, I did some research and asked my guides a few questions.

What I was told is that the shift has begun and its coming in three waves. The first was March 12 this is about the time I noticed that I was feeling different. The second will be April 21st and the final wave will be in October. He called these waves of love. Each wave will be more of an awakening and those with the eyes to see will be the ones affected by them. The awakening will be both spiritual and physical. We are advancing into the next phase of human development. This means that as we move into the time of Aquarius we are changing on a genetic level, more of our DNA and mental ability is being opened up.

From what I remember of high school science and have learned from researching, our planet wobbles on her axis and it takes approximately 25,000 years to make the loop back to the beginning. As the Earth wobbles she travels through the 12 signs of the zodiac determining the astronomical age by the angle of her tilt. That makes each stay in any given sign about 2000 years. Now the exact timing of this is up for grabs. There seems to be no real consensus about the math in regard to the length of the wobble or the shift from one age to another. I also learned that the Earth travels through the ages in reverse making Pisces the first we experience instead of Aries. There is an agreement that the change between ages happens at the Vernal Equinox and that was just last month! I’m feeling a little more synchronicity there.

Since no one has really nailed down the math I was wondering how we know for sure which age we are in. If we know that the earth is moving one degree a year it should be easy to figure out the timing, but apparently not. I read several articles that place the length of time each wobble lasts anywhere from 24 to 26, 000 years making the length of individual ages from 2, 000 to 2166 years. I even read an article that suggested Yeshua’s birth brought in the Age of Aquarius. That’s been a couple thousand years ago. If that’s the case we are well past Aquarius and moving into Capricorn. The math just doesn’t make sense no matter how you spin it. At this point I was done trying to understand man’s idea of time and went straight back to the source.

I was told that the date of the transition from one age to the next is difficult to pin down because there is an overlap of several hundred years. It was Moses that brought us from the Age of Aries into the age of Pisces and with that Polytheism eventually ended. Pisces is a water sign which means there was a good deal of water characteristics in this age like love, compassion, mercy and kindness but the dominant emotion of Pisces was greed. I was told that this was an age of power, money and control. That is exactly what we have seen over and over again. The wealthy thinking they have the right to control every aspect of life from education to religion and everything in between.

My guide, Yeshua, said that the overlap from Pisces to Aquarius began to be evident when knowledge and technology started to increase. Aquarius is an air sign so the qualities of this sign will be obvious just as the qualities of the previous signs were during their turns.

The Age of Aquarius will bring big changes as we move further into it and away from Pisces. It won’t be an easy transition. The current power structure is not going to give up the control it has on the planet without a fight, and there will be one. As we move away from Pisces the governments and the financial systems will break down. When they finally collapse there will be a horrible war for final and total control of the planet. It won’t last long, less than five years but it will devastate the planet. The one world order will be in charge when all is said and done, but we know that is temporary.

Now I don’t believe in conventional religion, I gave up on that many years ago. I do; however, absolutely believe in the Godhead by whatever names people choose to give them. I’ve read the book many times and know much of it has been altered to fit mans purposes but there is still some truth. We are living in the time of Revelation and things are approaching a crisis point.

My conversation with Yeshua also included the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children. I know they have a part to play in this transition of ages. Many of the Indigos are young adults now. The crystals are children and the Rainbows are just beginning to arrive. I was told that it is the job of the Indigos to break down the old paradigm to make way for the change. Just like the Chaos card in the Tarot. Sometimes things must fall apart to come back together better than before. Once the war is over and the antichrist is defeated the Crystals will take over and begin the process of rebuilding and healing the planet. We will have a time of Heaven on Earth. By this time the Rainbows will have had time to grow and will usher us into the age of Capricorn which will be an age of spiritual and physical healing for us and the planet.

Now remember we are dealing with a great length of time. At a minimum we are looking at 2000 years from start to finish. We are however living in the time of Revelation and the process has begun. Great truths are beginning to come out and as they do we move closer and closer to collapse and the resulting war that will follow. I don’t for a moment think anyone should be afraid but we should be prepared. The Crystal and Rainbow children need time to grow so we have a good 20 years as a best guess before everything breaks down. It could be longer, only the Godhead knows the timeline. What is important is being awake to the truth of what is happening and who is in charge so we can be ready for what is coming.

Those who see, are free

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon





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