Serpentine in the Morning Light

Serpentine is the name of a stone and a group of 20 magnesium-based crystals. This group breaks into two types. Chrysotile, which is fibrous and not available for sale in stone form because asbestos is made from it. The other is solid, Antigorite, and is available for sale to the public. Some of the other forms of Serpentine are Amesite, and Lizardite. There are also a few types that are so rare I couldn’t even get a name for them.

Serpentine is mostly green although some have specks of brown, black, yellow, white or blue in them. It gets its name from the mottled coloring of the stone. Some people mistake this stone for a type of Jasper, but it’s not. Back in the day this patterning was thought to resemble snakeskin, like Lizardite, and was thought to heal snake bites. Serpentine is found in Canada, Ireland, Italy, Russia, Britain, South Africa and here in the USA. I don’t know who the first person was to discover and use it. This one of those crystals that seem to always have been used in jewelry, and for making statues. On the Mohs scale Serpentine ranges from 3 to 4, and it works well with all the Chakras.

I found working with serpentine very comforting while I was with my Mother during her transition. Serpentine has a comforting, protective energy and helps bring mental and emotional balance. Meditating with a piece in each hand will stabilize your energy field and clear your Chakras. One of the most interesting qualities of serpentine is that is helps us connect to our life purpose. Some of the other qualities of this group are:

  • Opens our psychic ability.
  • Detoxes the blood.
  • Good for Diabetes and hypoglycemia
  • Clears the Chakras and opens the Kundalini
  • Meditating with Serpentine can bring past life memories to you
  • Helps you feel more in control of your life
  • Creates a shield around you to protect from psychic attack

Now you know what’s coming here 🙂 I am not a doctor and do not suggest that you give up any kind of allopathic medicine. I am only offering options to enhance the healing process and spiritual growth. If you feel this stone would be something you would like to work with, I invite you to purchase a piece and give it a try.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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