Today’s Daily Draw

We have Major Arcana card VII today, Albert Einstein with his theory of relativity hinting that we could have some pretty fast movement and change happening. In a more traditional deck this is the Chariot and talks to us about skill, taking action and being determined. There is an additional meaning here too. The chariot also talks about travel, so we might have an opportunity to take a road trip! Our bottom card is also a major card, the Wheel of Fortune. There is a possibility we could have some interesting things come out of nowhere. Whether they are good or bad things is for us to decide. Don’t be afraid to stand strong, take charge and dominate the day. Be determined and focused. Remember that we are in charge of our lives and must live with the consequences of our actions. Make sure that as we are getting things done we aren’t causing any bad feelings. The Wheel of Fortune does have an element of karma associated with it telling us what goes around comes around.

Today’s Universal Number

With the One Energy we have what we need to be brave and go after what we want. One is independent, bold and very action oriented. Perfect!

Today’s Crystals

The crystals chosen to accompany our card today are Rose Quartz to help us be kind in our interactions and Labradorite to help us through the changes of the day.

Thank you BJ for today’s guest reading!

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