You’re A Badass

Before we come to this life and this reality we make all our plans, decide what we are going to learn, what karma we want to work through and who the people in our lives will be. We are excited to come, we think it’s going to be so fun and easy when we get here. Who were we kidding? Once we cross the veil everything gets complicated. We forget all our plans, all our previous lives, the lessons we’ve learned and every bit of our life back home. We have to forget in order accomplish what we came here to do, but dang!

Here we are in helpless in this dense, low vibrational reality surrounded by people, ideas, opinions and beliefs that form who we are and we don’t have a clue whats coming. The greater part of our beginning years is spent getting a handle on the basics so we can get started on what we came here for and we haven’t the vaugest clue how much work and pain we will have to endure to get where we’re going.

The thing is we don’t realise what Badasses we are. The very fact that we are willing to come here means that we are braver than we realize, and we must be willing to be that brave. If we are not willing to be open minded and step outside the things we think we know and question what we believe, how are we going to learn and grow? If we are not willing to face what scares us and try anyway, how are we going to move forward. If we are not willing to feel the pain of loss, betrayal and disapointment, then forgive and get beyond it we will never heal. We have to learn to stand our ground and own our power or we will always be a self made victim. That get’s us nowehere

When we are unwilling to step outside the bubble of our comfort zone we lose out on discovering the fullnes of who we are. We will never learn the depth of our bravery, how deeply we can love or find talents we didn’t know we had. Only an open mind and an open heart can take us to those places.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon


2 thoughts on “You’re A Badass

  1. This is so true. I needed to read this to be reminded not to be scared of stepping out of my comfort zone as I’m so prone to staying there and not doing what I often feel I should. I definitely needed to read this today :). Thank you ❤

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