Astrophyllite in the Morning Light

There aren’t enough words or time to tell you about how awesome Astrophyllite is. This is an absolutely gorgeous golden brown type of feldspar. ❤

Astrophyllite is a very rare and interesting crystal. It was first discovered in 1854 in Norway. What’s so fascinating is that it’s not a stand alone crystal. Where some crystals form attached to others, this only forms inside other minerals in these cool star burst shapes, and this is where its name comes from. In the Greek Astrophyllite means, Star Leaf.  Being soft and forming inside host crystals makes this difficult to mine without damage. It’s found in very few locations around the world, which also helps explains it’s rarity. It’s found in Norway, Russia, and Colorado. There could be other small deposits but the main supply comes from these three places.

If you want a crystal to help you transform your life and you can find a piece, just like Moldavite, rare means hard to find and expensive, Astrophyllite could be for you. It’s not for everyone though, it doesn’t play around. The energy of this crystal is pretty intense, holding it can make you dizzy.

So, what does this crystal do for you? Astrophyllite is excellent for spiritual and personal growth. It helps you find your true self and recognize your life purpose. It’s energy works with the Third Eye, Crown and Soul Star Chakra’s to give you the motivation and ability to make huge life changes so you can move forward in significant ways. It fills your whole being with light. Unlike Quartz crystals and others that remove negative energy, Astrophyllite brings in so much light that darkness and negativity have no place to go but away from you!

Another thing this crystal does is help you release the hold your past might have on you, by helping you love yourself enough to see that who you were and the choices made in the past are just that. It helps us accept that the choices we made have brought us to where we are spiritually and personally, but it’s not a part of who we are becoming. This letting go process is also good to help ease and, in time, overcome addictive behaviors.

Astrophyllite has a great deal to offer. If this sounds like a crystal that you would like to work with, I invite you to find a piece and enjoy the journey! Keep in mind that it’s rarity means that you may not find it at your local crystal shop. You might have to take your chances and order it on-line.

We have reached the point of my post that I am sure you are familiar with by now. I am not a doctor and do not suggest that you give up any kind of allopathic medicine. I am only offering options to enhance the healing process.

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