Today’s Daily Draw

I did something different this morning. Whenever I do a reading I always look at the card on the bottom of the deck. I’ve found that this card, most often, relates to the message or question presented.  I’ve never included this card but wanted to share today’s because I found the synchronicity quite striking. Our card is the Eight of Air; the bottom card is also an eight, the Eight of Fire.

The image on our card shows a Hawk sitting on a tree branch calling out for help because he is surrounded by what appears to be a dust storm as eight feathers fall around him. These feathers are pointing in all directions, combined with the storm this tells us that we could be lost in our thoughts today and unsure of what we should do. This is a situation that can easily happen. All it takes is one questioning thought to get us spiraling into doubt. That leads to fear, feeling helpless and confusion. We could have some kind of delay or obstacle that stop us in our tracks today leaving us wondering what now. Maybe we’re tired, not feeling well or just don’t feel like adulting today. It happens to us all.

Here is where the synchronicity comes in. Where the eight might be our issue today, it is also our solution. Thoughts can trap us, but they can also set us free. The number eight speaks to us about strength, power, balance and structure. We have this doubled in that both cards are an eight. It’s also infinite. Eight is an endless cycle of energy. The fire element is a call to action and the eight of fire talks to us about clarity and insight. If we find ourselves lost in our heads anticipating all the worst case scenarios because a wrench has been thrown into our plans or a project has been delayed. Take a break, step back and wait. Don’t make any decisions until we know exactly what is involved. Clarity will go a long way to finding the solution.

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s message comes to us with two eights and it is also a master number day. We have 11/2 energy around us. This gives us the strength and confidence to move ahead and the intuition to see through to the truth.

Today’s Crystals

When we are lost in our head we need grounding to help us stabilize ourselves, for this I chose Hematite. It works well with the Root Chakra to give us the stability we need and it helps take away stress and negativity. I also chose Malachite to help us get the clarity we need to know what we need to do.

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