Today’s Daily Draw

The Spiritual Warrior is a card that speaks to us about taking a journey and generally comes up when we are ready for a change. In some cases it can mean a physical journey. If your heart is set on a road trip, this may be a validation that it will happen for you, but in most cases it’s talking about taking a spiritual or emotional journey. Whether we are at the beginning or in the middle of some kind of journey today, there are things we need to have packed in order to have a successful trip.

We are going to need a solid plan or road map to keep us going in the right direction. Focus will be necessary to know the difference between what is central to our journey and what isn’t. Determination and discipline are vital to keeping us in the game when we are tired, disillusioned and close to giving up, and we will need the courage as well as the confidence to face any kind of obstacle and overcome it. And finally we will need our intuition to guide us during those times we are not sure if we are on track. With these tools safely packed and ready we can find our way to the end of the road and the wisdom gained will be our prize.

Today’s Universal Number

It never stops amazing me that the message of the card and the universal number go hand in hand. Today is a Nine Day and we are focusing on transitions. Nine is about endings and beginnings. Are there any loose ends to be tied up in order to be ready to go?

Today’s Crystals

I chose two crystals today, Prehnite and Septarian. Prehnite is a crystal that connects our Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras, helping us to do things that are important to us from a heart based place. Septarian helps us stay focused on our goal. it comes in real handy for people who get scattered and get too wrapped up in multi-tasking.


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