Peach Moonstone in the Morning Light

I am on a mission to own a piece of every type of Moonstone this planet has to offer. Today I am talking about Peach Moonstone. Like other moonstone, this can be found in several areas of the world. Some of the best peach moonstone comes from India. This particular piece has some nice translucent areas and a beautiful blue and white shimmer along the edges.

Like all crystal families, every member holds the qualities of the group and each has its own specific characteristics. Like all moonstone this type has a feminine energy that will enhance intuition and psychic ability and connect you with the rhythm of nature. Peach Moonstone has a great deal of Goddess energy that is very calming. Holding my piece gives me waves of beautiful loving energy from my head to my feet.

Peach moonstone connects the heart and mind to relieve anxiety and overcome self-criticism so that you can accept and love all of who you are. This allows you to find you place in the universe and grow into the person you are meant to be. It brings out the best in people. I think it would be a great addition to a desk at work. All that loving energy spreading out filling the space!! I invite you to find a piece of Peach Moonstone if this sounds like a crystal you would like to work with.

We have arrived at the point where I must give my usual disclaimer. I am sure you are familiar with it by now. I am not a doctor and do not suggest that you give up allopathic medicine. I am only offering options to enhance the healing process.


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